Monday, September 3, 2012

About Ana Asensio

Ana Asensio is an actress, producer and director who currently divides her time between her native Madrid and New York City.

Asensio’s film acting credits include: "The Afterlight," co-directed by Craig Macneill and Alexei Kaleina; "The Archive," by Oscar winning director Ethan Spiglan; "Zenith," by Vladan Nikolic; and, the HBO short film, "Betty La Flaca," by Hugo Perez.

Asensio’s most significant theatrical role to date has been in the one-woman play, “La Diva,” by award winning playwright, Jeronimo Lopez Mozo, that she translated to English, adapted and directed.  “La Diva” has been performed in Europe, Africa and North America. 

Currently, Asensio is developing her first feature film as a writer/director that will be shot in NYC. 

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