Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review from Stage and Cinema

Thanks to Stage and Cinema and critic Paul Kubicki for his support!!!

"Williams, who wrote the award winning Tables and Beds, as well as Smartphones: A Pocket-Sized Farce, has constructed a witty, confrontational show giving us a contemporary look into the psyche of Euripides’ Medea."


"As Medea, Ana Asensio has an unrivaled comic timing that drives this show. Asensio is deliciously vicious, but given Medea’s circumstances, with good reason. She powers through the script with twisted conviction, but not without acknowledging the subtleties of the role."

"Together, Williams and Asensio craft a multi-dimensional, highly nuanced take on Medea, accounting for many of these different perspectives, and simultaneously affirm and jab at her stance as a feminist paragon."

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